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Crabs Associates is a Bangalore-based Recruitment Consultancy. Our primary service offering is in providing permanent staffing (perm staffing) solutions for our clients with a focus on mid and senior-level hiring. We strive to provide the best available candidates meeting the client requirements, while keeping in mind the timelines, thereby giving focused results. We journey with candidates to see them achieve their dream employment while simultaneously fulfilling an enterprise’s search for top talent. A predetermined fee is charged for a successful placement of the Crabs Associates candidates.

Within the perm staffing is Retainer-ship where companies request a senior level profile to be placed. The payment is staggered over a period with definite timelines for both Crabs Associates and the clients. Usually, retainer-ships are exclusive and are beneficial to both the client and the vendor mutually. Depending on the agreement, Crabs Associates may offer BGV services to retainership.


Our Recruiter on demand program is designed with our clients in mind. Increased hiring demand caused by a spike of business needs or if a member of a TA team needs to take long-term leave arising out of maternity or any unforeseen incident, the ROD is a perfect match to the client’s immediate demands from a pool of Recruiters at your disposal to choose from.

Scale-up Talent Acquisition team, with experienced recruiters, without adding to the permanent headcount. We dispense our service in a way that’s precise to your needs for the time and duration of your choice, allowing you to decide the choice of resource to choose from. when and for how long you need the services.

ROD at Crabs are available from three months onwards to a year, or even for a longer duration.
• Get help immediately, with the ability to scale and flex as demands change.
• The recruiters follow processes and utilize existing technologies, so there’s no disruption.
• Revenue considered is the margin of profit which is typically 20% to 35% of the monthly salary of the resource.


We, as a specialist recruitment service provider, offer our clients both fully outsourced and partial/selective outsourcing solutions for your internal recruitment function. We dispense the necessary skills, activities, tools, technologies, and process methodologies to assume the role of the client’s recruitment team, by owning and managing its recruitment process.

RPO provides End to end management of the recruitment process, ease of Single point of contact for all recruitment queries, centralized invoicing to reduce the administrative burden and extensive support for interviews, assessment, and managing the candidate experience.

Our services include:
a) End-End Outsourcing: We take complete accountability and responsibility for our client’s entire recruitment process from sourcing to Onboarding.
b) Selective / Limited Outsourcing: We handle one or more components of the recruitment process, based on client requirements.
c) Project Outsourcing: We handle your recruitment process for a specific project/location.