International Service Offerings

Cover photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash


Our primary service offering is in providing permanent staffing (perm staffing) solutions for our clients with a focus on mid and senior-level hiring. We strive to provide the best available candidates meeting the client requirements, while keeping in mind the timelines, thereby giving focused results. We journey with candidates to see them achieve their dream employment while simultaneously fulfilling an enterprise’s search for top talent. A predetermined fee is charged for a successful placement of the Crabs Associates candidates.

Within the perm staffing is Retainer-ship where companies request a senior level profile to be placed. The payment is staggered over a period with definite timelines for both Crabs Associates and the clients. Usually retainer-ships are exclusive and are beneficial to both the client and the vendor mutually. Depending on the agreement the Crabs Associates may offer BGV services to retainership.


We deliver total or partial end to end payroll services for your employees. We provide an accurate and timely system, allowing you to stay focused on your core businesses. Contract staffing allows employers and employees more flexibility with you multiple options.

More flexibility in adapting to changing market conditions and work requirements. Reduces manpower costs, because companies do not need to employ full-time staff for each position. Imagine a small business that needs an accountant for 6 hours a week. Hiring a full-time accountant is expensive and a waste of resources when long-term relationships can be managed by part-time resources. Employees get flexibility and better access to work, while businesses cut costs, increase productivity, and use a wide network, on-demand.